Spur/Spur Straps

button-spursHorse Riding Spurs and Spur Straps

It is my opinion that a novice rider should not ride with spurs until you have been riding for a while. Your trainer can help you determine if and when you can start using spurs. Not all horses need to be ridden with spurs. If you intend to show your horse, check your particular breed association rule book for acceptable specifications on spurs.

Engraved Spurs

Engraved Spurs Lady

1/2″ inch leaf-engraved stainless steel band with 1 3/4″ shank and 10-point rowel.

Metalab SS Humane Spur w/Brass Buttons

Metalab Ss Humane Spur W/Brass Buttons Ladies Slv

A stainless steel, half-inch band humane spur with brass buttons, knob end, and 1.5-inch shank (mild effect). For ladies. Sold in pairs.

Black Roping Spurs Pair

Black Roping Spurs Pair Mens

Black spur twisted band.

Tom Thumb

Tom Thumb Ladies

Stainless Steel Tom Thumb Spurs. All with ¼” Neck.

Ladies Brass Overlay Spurs

Ladies Brass Overlay Spurs Large

Black steel and highlighted with bright brass overlay on the bands, buttons, and rowel. Sold in pairs

Prince of Wales Spurs w/Nylon Strap Womens

Prince Of Wales Spurs W/Nylon Strap Womens 3/4 In

Great spurs for everyday riding. Sold in pairs.

Kincade Leather SpurStraps w/ Keepers

Kincade Leather Spurstraps W/ Keepers Lady Black

Kincade Leather Spur Straps made of smooth premium leather with nickel plated buckle and double keeper. Sold in pairs.

Tory Leather Spur Straps with Silver Buckle

Tory Leather Spur Straps With Silver Buckle

Made with Wickett and Craig domestic tanned leather. Straps are accented with a Southwestern style three-piece buckle set. Includes buckle, keeper, and tip. Sold in pairs.