Ask The Tack Store To Stock Your Favorite Products

A few months ago, I stopped by one of the pet stores in my area that happens to carry a few horse products.  I buy my favorite hoof supplement from them because they are conveniently located close to my house.

On the way out, they asked if I found everything I needed.  I surprised myself (and my husband) when I said “No”.  They asked what I was looking for.  I told them I used the all natural Hoof Flex and that no one carried it.  I also used Absorbine Refreshmint as a brace in the summer.  This, also, was not carried by anyone in my area.   I told them about my favorite bath products and antiseptic spray I have come to love.

The store help wrote all of this down and said they would see what they could do.  They were trying to expand the horse products and appreciated my input.  I left the store thinking I probably would not see these products on there shelf.  I didn’t think the wants of one person would amount to  much for a big store.

I went to this store last week to purchase the hoof supplement again.  I always cruise the horse products looking for anything I may need.  I stopped dead in my tracks.  There on the shelf was not only the Hoof Flex I asked for, but also the Refreshmint!  I was stunned.

So, if you don’t see what you want at the tack, feed, pet store that you frequently go to, just ask.  The store may not be able to get the products you want, but you won’t  know if you don’t ask.  You’ll be amazed how well this works.  I was.

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  1. Grace says:

    Excellent lesson! As store owners, we always want to know what our customers want. Sometimes that can be worth gold so don’t be shy about letting your favorite shop owner know if there is something you’d like them to carry.

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