Horse Riding Helmet – Replace It After A Fall

I haven’t got to ride since just before Christmas.  So when this last Saturday rolled around, I was ready.  Or so I thought.  The fall I took  was not big.  I just slipped off Dollar while trying to ride bareback.  I landed hard on my rear end and also hit my head on the ground.

I noticed at the time that my helmet was not quite right.  It wasn’t until I got home that I found all the damage done.

The outer shell is split and separated from the inner shell.   The inner shell is cracked at the back bad enough you can see daylight thru it.

I guess I hit harder than I thought.  I’m glad I’ve become very diligent about wearing a helmet.  There’s no telling how bad of a head injury I would have had if I wasn’t wearing my helmet.   I’ll being buying a new helmet this week.

I can’t stress enough that if you ride a horse, PLEASE wear a helmet.

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